COVID-19 Protocols

Let us set your mind at ease for your in-studio practice.
We’ve been safely re-opened since June of 2020, mindfully taking care of our beloved patrons every step of the way.

Here’s how:

  • Masks are required of patrons when moving around the business.
  • Vaccinated patrons may remove masks once on their yoga mat for practice.
  • Unvaccinated patrons are required to wear their masks at all times.
  • A COVID-19 waiver is required of all patrons. You are asked to attest that you will not attend class knowingly ill/or if you have been knowingly exposed to COVID in your daily life. See below for details.
  • Social distancing is required of patrons as they move about the space.
  • Class sizes are extremely limited.
  • Staggered class times allow for less patron interfacing.
  • Each patron places their yoga mat inside a socially distanced “mat parking spot”.
  • Patrons have their own hand sanitizer, mat cleaning solution, and a rag for individual usage.
  • Lavender towel or spray service is touchless, and optional.
    Teachers wear masks if/when leaving their teaching mat.
  • Between classes, the studio is mopped, cleaned and well-ventilated. High touch surfaces are disinfected.
  • Full-studio deep cleans are performed regularly.
  • There are HEPA air filters running 24/7 during classes.
  • At Power Nectar (hot/warm studio) once inside the studio space, note that there is NO BLOWING HVAC. Our heat is thermal, like a “toaster”.
  • After class, patrons may exit from the front door or rear egress, to their comfort, for social distancing purposes.
  • Due to limited class sizes, we will continuously add weekly drop-in classes in order to safely meet patron demand.
  • Staff is diligently adhering to risk mitigation safety protocols, without exception.

    Attestation Requirements

All patrons are required to sign a COVID-19 Risk Consent Form.
By signing our waiver, patrons attest that:

  • I have not been within 6 feet of a person with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
  • I have not had a fever of 100.5F (38C) or above or possible fever symptoms.
  • I have not developed a cough, do not have trouble breathing, nor am experiencing wheezing/shortness of breath.
  • I have not experienced chills, shivering, cold sweats, muscle aches, or diarrhea.
  • I have not developed a new loss of taste or smell.
  • I have not travelled outside the country, been in a high risk COVID-19 location, nor been on a cruise within the past 14 days.

By signing the COVID-19 risk consent form, you attest that you will answer these questions (verbally and/or written, upon request), each time, every time, entirely true.

Finally, pre-registration for yoga classes is not required, but is recommended.
Due to limited capacity and high demand, there is a 4-hour cancellation policy in effect.
NOTE! Patrons late cancelling will be charged a fee (Members) or will forfeit the class pass (Single and Class Pack holders).

For our patrons who prefer to practice at home, we have a robust Virtual Nectar Yoga Studio with both live stream and on-demand classes.

Please direct any other questions to and we will respond in a timely manner.

Welcome to in-studio practice, Nectars! We will work hard to take care of your well-being!