Course Series

Take your yoga practice deeper through progressive education in special interest topics

Yoga (big Y!) is a joyous mix of lifelong learning, of connecting our physical bodies with our essential Selves.

Courses are created out of our love for – and expertise in – education in yoga, health and wellness. Our 6-week course series offerings provide opportunities for deeper learning for all.

Our top five favorite reasons for signing up for a course include:

  1. Course are progressive in nature. This means they are organized to intentionally build over time, helping students achieve their specific goals in guided way.
  2. Focused attention from teachers. Our instructors progressively guide students over the course of multiple weeks, giving them focused attention in a way that is not always possible in most drop-in classes.
  3. Deeper understanding beyond the mat. Courses have focused instruction, detailing the intention behind the practice. Yes, sometimes that includes fun homework or supplemental reading (no pop quizzes – we swear!).
  4. Membership test drive. Courses are a convenient and economical way to build up a yoga habit, especially for those folks who aren’t ready to commit to a monthly membership quite yet.
  5. Get to know your community. Yogis, in general, are the best – and Nectar yogis are the cream of the crop! Courses are a special opportunity to connect and expand your network.

Upcoming Courses