Yoga Teacher Certification

We create top-notch yoga teachers

Fall 2023 Teacher Certification Starts September 27, 2023!

Why Power Nectar Yoga?

Power Nectar Yoga 200-hour Vinyasa Flow Hybrid Yoga Teacher Training is better than ever. It’s simple…we understand yoga certification and are invested in your evolution. LEARN MORE about how our experience can help you to achieve great things.

Cutting Edge Curriculum

Power Nectar Yoga creates top notch yoga teachers and prepares you for the actual job of teaching yoga in a meaningful way. LEARN MORE about our Yoga Alliance approved 200-hour curriculum and what to expect.


Filled with exceptional value, which must be experienced, LEARN MORE about tuition and internship opportunities.

Dates/Times/Location Details

Power Nectar Yoga offers Winter, Spring, and Fall trainings. LEARN MORE about our Fall 2023 session dates, times, and location details.

New Fall Membership OfferNEW All Access Commit Membership

Get unlimited in-studio yoga classes AND virtual yoga classes AND other great benefits for only $99/month. Built for clients who practice about 2 or more days per week and are ready to commit to their first 6 months of membership! Requires 6 month commitment or early termination fee of $149 applies. Can be cancelled with 30-days written notice after the first 6 months.

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